Can I run 2 wireless routers on one DSL line with modem?

I have 1 belkin wireless router that is rated only at 54g "g" speed and a 2nd netgear wireless router that is a 300n "n" speed.
The problem is My family uses smaller items like PDA's and other electronic gadgets at only the 802.11b speeds and a older laptop that is only 802.11g speed. But I have a newer computer with 802.11N 300mbps speed. When I set up all to just 1 wireless router and set to be compatible with all devices it seems to slow down the 802.11N computer back to 802.11g speed.
I would like to setup one router to feed internet to/from older laptop and small devices to 802.11b/g mode and another different router to be setup for only 802.11N mode so that I can get full advantage of this newer higher speed mode. I need to know if this can be done. I was thinking about daisy chaining the wireless routers and turning DHCP off on the second router and give both routers different IP addresses. What do you all think?
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  1. Yes it should work for you.
    Turn off DHCP and NAT (router functions) in router 2 and use it as an access point.
    Connect the two using LAN ports.

    router 2
    router 1
  2. Thank you guys for the info and I will give it a try this labor day weekend.
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