Despartely need MB, RAM & Case suggestions


I'm getting a GeForce GTX280, an Intel Q9450 and a 24" (1920x1200) Samsung Syncmaster 2493HM

I desparately need help picking a suitable motherbord, RAM and case (inc or + power supply)


I dont want to the best of the best or to spend money just for the sake of it but I would like all the components to be suitably matched

Would prefer a unassuming or sylish case that is quiet as opposed to something extreem looking or loud

If your going to suggest a Mobo with morethan 1 PCIe x 16 slot would you please make it a SLI instead of Xfire

Look forward to your suggestions
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  1. Why is no one replying to this post? Have I done something wrong?
  2. OK, here you go on a couple of things;
    a. case - Anetc P182 - nice case, classy but not flashy, good cooling, lots of room, good wire management design. Recommend replacing the Antec fans with Scythe Slipstream 120mm 1200 rpm versions. For PS I would recommend PPC&C 750W Silencer, or if you want modular cabling, an Enermax Mod82 version.
    b. mobo - I won't recommend an SLI board to anyone, there are too many potential problems with nVidia chipset boards, and frankly, I feel that recommending one to someone would be doing them a disservice. Feel free to google for issues with respect to the recent nVidia mobo chipsets.
    c. you seem to have your mind made up wrt a video card, so I won't make a recommendation there.
    So bottom line, a case and PS recommendation.
  3. Thanks Mate
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