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Hello everybody, first post here.

I recently built a system using an Intel Core 2 Duo and a DG31PR motherboard. I'm having a couple of issues with temperature now. The first is that my Intel Desktop Utilities, while displaying the correct system specifications, does not show any temperature, fan, or voltage information. Where there are supposed to be graphs and gauges, I see white space. I can, however, see the core temperature in the BIOS. I've looked around a fair amount and haven't found any good answers, so can anyone throw me a bone? I've updated the BIOS, reinstalled the IDU, etc. to no avail.

Also, I know this has been answered a million times, but all the information out there is pretty confusing for a novice. Is a non-overclocked Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz running at 60 degrees Celsius idle too hot? I'm afraid it is. :(
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  1. 60 @ idle is too hot. Are you using stock HSF? You may have applied too much TIM, and the CPu is being insulated instead of the heat being dissipated. Also check to make sure the HSF is seated properly.

    I don't have experience with Intel Desktop Utilities, but as far as temps go, have you tried either RealTemp or HWmonitor
  2. Go and grab RealTemp just do a google search for it. If you are getting those temps in it idle... then you should check that all 4 push pins on the stock cooler are well secured. Even remove and remount if you have to, the best way to do it and make sure is to look at the reverse side of the mobo and ensure you have a generous amount of the pin coming through the underside of the board.
  3. RealTemp does a wonderful job. It's telling me that my core temperatures are in the range of 25-35 idle, which seems much better to me. Thanks!
  4. bak: Did you ever get your Intel Desktop Utilities to work? I have the same blank screens.
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