Computer started beeping after changeing memory settings

Ok So I downloaded this program off of intels site, and I thought I could over clock my memory, the original setting was 533 and i made it 800, the program was called "Intel Control Center" or something like that,

So after i did that it said would you like to save settings to bio and continue, so i did and now my computer beeps 3 times and won't start up, I took out the CMOS battery in hopes that bios setting would be reset but apparently not, now when i start up my computer it beeps 3 times and then i get a blank screen, but it was working before i did anything? are there any solutions as to how i can get my computer back up and stable?

Intel mobo 975XBX 3.46 P4 Extreme
Kingston ram 2gb 533mhz

that's as much as i can provide at the moment, hope that's enough, info if you require more please help! NEED HELP ASAP!

thank you!
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  1. If your RAM is rated at 533Mhz, why try to run it at 800Mhz? See table 33 at You might have to set the jumper on pins 2-3, then put it back on pins 1-2 once you're done.
  2. I just wana thank you! that worked i changed the settings in bios from 800 to 533 and it's like nothing every changed! thank you very much, tryed callng up tech place's and they could not give me an answer of the phone and one place wanted lik $75 to take it in and have a look at it. Thank you very much!
  3. Glad you got it resolved.

    BTW, that info should be in your manual, but the description of what the jumper does isn't necessarily obvious.
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