I7-920 3.2ghz or 3.6ghz

Im debating which speed I should stick at with my i7-920, 3.2ghz or 3.6ghz?

I use this computer mainly for gaming, currently playing Team Fortress 2 and Counterstrike: Source. Also use this for occasional school work using Office 2007. I also keep this computer on 24/7.
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  1. Source games aren't very demanding, 3.2ghz would be plenty. However you can still use 3.6ghz, make sure you have speedstep and C state on for 24/7 usage.
  2. Yeah I have speedstep enabled.

    Ive just been reading that after a certain point in overclocking, you dont see anymore gain.
  3. the games you play don't need to oc you cpu
  4. Depends on the rest of your setup.. Your I7 will easily take a 3.6Ghz clock... depending on your cooling, personally anything over 75degrees celcius is too much.. I run a base clock of 182(3.84Ghz,1.30v), DDR3 1824 cas 9-9-9-24-84(all auto) on a P6T with a Ultra extreme-120 1366. Never get past low 70s when running prime95.
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