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Firstly, apologies for the noob questions, I've never used a hardware fan controller before so I need some help.

I know I need 3 pin connectors in order to control the speed, but is it possible to use a fan that only has a molex connector with an adaptor that plugs into the fan controller?

And do I need to plug the fans into both the fan controller and the motherboard or just the fan controller?
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  1. Just the fan controller. You can buy/ make, cut n paste all sorts of adaptors.
  2. So if I have a fan (with Molex) attached to a Molex>3pin Adaptor and that's plugged into the fan controller, I'll be able to control that fan no problem?
  3. Yes. The fan wires are ultimately connected to the fan controller right?
  4. Fan controllers just (usually) just tone down the 12v line into less volts. so the only tow wires you need are the 12v and the ground (black one?). The third wire is (correct me if I'm wrong) is for rpm measuring.
  5. You have several options...

    Cut them off and rewire

    You'll want an Xacto "Helping Hands" - $12 at Amazon to do this

    That was the option I took, and while I was at it, I sleeved all the cables.

    Other option is an adapter

    Last option is a fan controller that actually can handle molex connections such as the NZXT Sentry 2
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