ASUS P6T Deluxe VS ASUS Rampage II Extreme Intel X58

is it worth getting the rampage or just stick with the asus p6t.I have a extreme pentium 4 cpu socket 775 board just went bad dont know if its good tiem to upgrade or wait i have a 4870 x2 card that did ok with my 3.4 extreme pentium 4 fsb 800 with 533 fsb ram just my board went bad new board cost 300. the ddr3 do we have to put them in 3 banks or can we just do 2 .Is this a requirment
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  1. A P6T will do fine aswell, a Rampage II Formula is a better overclocker. You can't put your "old" DDR2 in a P6T/R2F because those boards only support DDR3 and Intel Core i7 only supports DDR3 aswell.
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