my new build won't boot up

this is my first homebuilt system...
giga-byte GA-x48-DS4
intel core2 quad 2.4G, Q6600
Sparke 9600GT 512MB
2*OCZ 2G 800
WD 500GB 7200 16Mb
Power Supply:
Thermaltake 750W
Zalman CNPS9500A LED Quiet CPU Cooler
DVD drive
LG 20X
Samsung 19"...
the case: gigabyte isolo 210

i assembled it the right way, but i didn't find pwr fan out of the psu i ignored it
i booted it once and and it ran smoothly except the cooler fan wasn't working, i installed my Windows vista, made sure all devices installed properly, the rams, the cpu, the vga, just everything...finally, i shut it down happily,,(all the software installation didn't exceed on hour)
later , i tried to boot up but nothing happens ,, i checked everything, opened the case to make sure all cables connected ,the pwr sw connected,, i tried every possible way but nothing works for me :cry: ,, i hope the MoBo is not dmaged....
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  1. abjdiat you don't get any power light on front of case,and no beeps.check and see if the power switch on the back of power supply is turned on.

    cooler fan wasn't working! is this one of your case fans? is this fan hooked up to the system fan header on the motherboard?also on the power supply does the fan turn?
  2. no light no beeps, doesn't matter how may many times i press the power switch on the case, nothing happens...
    i meant the cooler of the cpu (Zalman)it wasn't working properly due to me forgetting connecting to sys fan1 plug ...
    but i managed this ...

    the power supply fan doesn't turn either,, ...
    although the computer as i alredy mentioned earlier worked even though the PSU fan didn't ...
    would it be due to the pwr fan on the motherboard left empty since i didn't find any PSU fan cable??
  3. The Power Supply Fan is connected inside the PSU. You dont have to connect it. If the fan isnt working the PSU is defective. Taking it apart will VOID your warranty.
    Do you have a DVOM or anything to check voltage with?
  4. i see, i'm just newbie so i was wondering,,,
    it seems i have to get it back to the shop and get a replacement,,,
    thanks for help,,, i wish that's all and nothing else,,,
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