Sli 8800 Ultra - Sli Evga 280GTX FTW upgrade ?

After one of my 8800 Ultras failed last week i've ordered 2x Evga 280GTX FTWs but after reading Toms new 3D cards benchmarks I can't see a real increase but should my QX9650 at 4.2 make a real difference over the test cpu? please tell me it will...or, have I been a complete knob head ?
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  1. I'm running at 1900 x 1200 btw
  2. well for some reason the gtx280 in sli perform slightly better then 2gtx260 in sli. so i would just get 2 gtx260 oc them and save myself 300$ and get similar performance.
  3. i would wait a little see what the GTX280+ can do.its beginning of Sept already. the refresh will be out in Sept.
  4. but should the cpu make a big difference ?
  5. your CPU at 4.2Ghz should be fine.
  6. im sorry but that 280+ will have? will they make die shrink to 55nm like 9800gtx+?
  7. yes the 280+ is die shrink with high clock speed and GDDR5.
  8. where the f are you guys gettin the fact it has gddr5.
    It has a frigging 512 bit bus why would nvidea bother wasting money on it when it will yrild near nil performance increase.
  9. iluvgillgill said:
    yes the 280+ is die shrink with high clock speed and GDDR5.

    They aren't likely to bother with GDDR5 - the 512 bit bus gives the 280 all of the bandwidth it needs. This is the same reason why the 4870 isn't likely to ever get upgraded with a wider bus - neither is bandwidth starved in its current implementation.
  10. well we sure will see in one month.
  11. I think that the 8800 Ultras in sli should be fine for now, and the longer you wait, the lower the prices will be:D
  12. I'm going to agree with Liquid on this one. RMA your Ultra and hold off till prices are cheaper and better stuff is out. Your cards are plenty capable of pretty much everything you throw at it and for the foreseeable future, this should be true.
  13. The new 280s will be evga so I will be able to use step up if anything much better is released
  14. its your 800-1000$s:) the step up program is a good thing, but still I'd much rather just not go through the trouble:).

    If you do get 2 280 GTX it would be a very good system:)
  15. the reson behind using 265 bit ddr5 instead of a 512 bit ddr3 is obvious , Nvidia is aiming for lowering the cost of producing the gtx280+ , the die shrink will be point , the other will be the memory .... after all a 265 ddr5 costs less that a 512 ddr3 , produce less heat I suppose and give almost the same performance
  16. Nvidia just loves to screw ppl over:D
  17. ^ that was my second thought :D
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