Installation of Win xp on Core i3 processor

Hello,how to install Win xp service pack 2 or 3 on HP G-62 series laptops having core i3 processor.
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  1. If HP does not have the drivers for XP, don't try unless you have a full back up of the system to restore back to the original OS, which looks to be Win 7. From what I can tell, XP will not run on that laptop. You can try to install XP and see if it detects all of your hardware, but I don't give much chance of that.
  2. I cannot comment on your laptop but I recently bought an ACER 7740G laptop with Core i3, I managed to find all the drivers for all the components used in my laptop. Usually it is possible to find the XP drivers, sometimes it can be a little tricky. ACER only provides Windows 7 drivers for my laptop. You also need to integrate AHCI (hard drive controller) drivers with NLite onr set your BIOS to IDE (some BIOS'es do not have the option to use IDE in which case you must integrate AHCI drivers into XP)
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