HD4850 Problem Help!!

Well I just did a clean reboot of my computer and everything onit seams to be running a heck of a lot better except for one thing. My ATi Catalyst Control Center won't work?! It comes up with a message that says it needs to close and to send an error report each time I open it. I don't know what's up with it, I tried to reinstall it and ev en reinstall .NET framework. Please hep I just want to OC my video card alittle and increase the fan speed. Thanks!
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  1. ANyone please help thanks? Maybe I should just reinstall windows again?!?
  2. Did you go to ATI's web site and download the newest drivers? If not, be sure to uninstall the current drivers before installing the new ones
  3. What OS are you running and which version of CCC are you installing? If it is vista 32bit and 8.8 CCC, then the same is happening to me as well. I plan to go back to 8.7 as I didn't have any crashes in that one. Try using 8.7 and see if that resolves your crashing issue.
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