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i have a M2N-MX SE plus that what it show on the mother board but i beleive i have a AMI BOIS i reinstalled xp on my computer and i have no sound i am not sure if i need AC97 or some thing else i look on the box when i bought it it say Azalia is my sound board but when i go in the BIO on the computer i have 2 thing to pick from AC97 or High Def. i need my sound to work i have tryed every thing i can think of
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  1. which connector is plug on the motherboard the ac or high,activate the same in bios
  2. You need all drivers. Go to the Asus site I have a link to at the bottom and at minimum, get

    Chipset driver (only one there)
    Sound drivers, Version *.5574 (First on list)
    Utilities, Version KB888111 (second on list)

    Click the [+] in front of the groups to expand, look for correct driver from above, download and install.

    This link will not take you directly to the download page. You must select your operating system (XP) by clicking the dropdown arrow. From there you will go to proper page to download.

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