Boot up problem any ideas

I have a strange problem with my new pc build... Whenever I press the power button on the pc case the system goes on for half a second and shuts down. When I go to press the power button again it does not work at all. this happens about 2/3 of the time... My solution to the problem so far is to turn off the psu for a few seconds and then turning it back on and hitting the power button on the case...

At first I thought perhaps there was a short in the case (cosmos 1000) so I changed cases last night to a antec 900 and I still get the same problem... : (
so now I think it may be something else perhaps the psu although when it turns on everything runs great.... I also changed the case because 2 9800gtx = inferno
I have the following for my system

4 gigs ddr3
2 9800gtx in sli
2 500gb seagate in raid 0
2 dvd drives
abs 900 watt psu

all running vista 64 ultimate

Thanks in advance
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  1. i had a similar sort of problem.

    your ram might not be gettin the required voltage. check what voltage your ram requires and then only have 1 ram stick in your pc and boot it up. check the bios and see if the voltages are correct.

    i had a similar problem, i put 4gb in and the pc would turn on but nothing happened so i took out 3gb, restarted the CMOS on the motherboard and went into the bios, found that the voltage wasnt what was recomended, so i set it and then it all worked.

    i hope this has helped, i might be wrong but it doesnt hurt to try it out :)
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