Hard Disk has many Bad Sectors(reallocated sector count)

I got BSOD in vista(error code 0x00008086 if you were wondering) and now every time i try to boot up vista i just get another bsod my laptop( dell xps m1530) is dual partitioned so i booted up Ubuntu 9.10 and it worked fine and it told me that my hard disk was failing and that it had "Many bad Sectors" . i ran all the usual diagnostics nothing worked vista wont boot in safe mode or anything, so i am going to get a new hard drive. I want to know if there is anyway to save both my partitions Ubuntu/vista and the files within them(the files are of extreme importance to me) without being able to get to my desktop in vista.

I appreciate the help in advance.
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  1. Try running Spinrite from a floppy boot.
  2. its a laptop it has no floppy drive
  3. why didnt you backup your data like your supposed to? NEVER rely on one single solution for data that is important.

    There is a toolset out there called hirens boot cd (check the legalities before using it) - its got a hdd tool called hdd regenerator - do a regen run and see if you THEN can boot into windows etc
  4. maybe what you might consider is too remove the hard drive from your laptop and slave it to another computer using a product similar to this http://www.vantecusa.com/front/product/view_detail/372 and then creating a back-up by searching through the partitions. once you have completed the back-up then you can either error check the drive and allow software to exclude bad sectors or just replace the drive with a new one and reinstall both OS's. it should not take you too long to accomplish this and then you can reuse the same hard drive dock to make a permanent external storage space using any old or new SATA hard drive
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