[Mother board] wont start

Went to bed last night everything fine. I wake up today and I hear my fans moving and I move my mouse to wake my computer up, and nothing. I notice the keyboard had no power (none of the lights were on) so I forced a restart (held power button).

When I turn the computer on, i hear all the fans turn on, I can see the internal LED lights light up, but nothing happens. When I looked into the case I saw the internal LED display for the mother board was displaying [ - - ] Normally, this is where the 2 digit hex code is displayed, and once turned on it instantly goes from [ - - ] to all the different codes like memory test etc.

I have tried unplugging the entire computer, then pressing the power button, and letting it sit for 30 minutes then plugging everything back in. I built this pc, and its worked fine for 4 years now, its even plugged into a UPC.

Im not 100% sure but i think this is called "no posting", but I have no clue.

evga 680i mobo
2 x 2gb sticks of corsair xms ddr2 1066
seagate 500gb sata hdd
core 2 extreme 9600
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  1. HMMMM,tried bypassing the UPC??..:)
  2. After a really close inspection on the mother board and the CPU, it doesnt appear like either is damaged.

    I tried hooking the computer straight up to the wall (instead of the UPS) and no go.

    I am going to try replacing the motherboard's battery, although its only 3 years old and I have computers that are 10+ years old and I have never changed the battery on them.
  3. Any beeps at startup?
    Have you tried pulling a stick of ram, and seeing if that helps?
    It almost sounds like a video problem, if the boot is going as it should. Could you have bumped a cable loose?
    Do you have a video card you could swap?
  4. no beeps at startup.

    I have tried 4 sticks of ram

    I think either the mobo is dead or the cpu is dead. Only reason i can think of now why it wont even beep at startup
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