New Games not working - crashing issue...

Hi guys, wasnt sure where to put this questions so im sorry if it in the wrong place.

Iv just purchased Fallout 3 New Vegas and CoD Black ops for the PC. Iv installed and updated each game through steam, iv updated the graphics drivers, checked Dx9.0c, memtested my Ram, Updated and flashed my Bios but im still having issues with the games crashing. I can play about 15-20 minutes of New vegas before the game hangs and crashes, or just crashes all together and im forced to restart the computer. With Black ops i cant even get into a game online or singleplayer - iv also tried playing in safe mode at the lowest resolution and graphics settings but still no joy. Managed to get it to load into an online game but it instantly froze and i was forced to restart!!

Im still able to play my other games e.g oblivion, Bad company 2 with no issues!!

Im running an ATI HD4850 1Gb GPU, 4Gb DDR2 Ram, AMD X3 720Be, ASUS K9n MoBo. So the system should have no problems with these 2 games. Windows XP Sp3. Please, any advice would be appreciated :cry: Thanks :D
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  1. try lowest graphics settings?
  2. -lukin- said:
    try lowest graphics settings?

    Done that mate, and i think safe mode defaults to lowest settings anyway!?
  3. Quote:
    did you clean out your old drivers with a driver cleaner?

    Ummmmmmmmmm...... what program do i use for this? dont think iv done it before!
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