AMD athlon 64 x2 6000 heatsink troubles...PLZ HELP !

sorry if this is not the right section...

After about 10 mins of trying, I finally got my oem heaksink + fan installed...IT IS SUPER TIGHT though, and I'm not sure if its installed correctly; the little plastic lever on the heatsink is touching one of the copper tubes on the this how its supposed to be? I didn't use the lever at all when installing it I just did it old school by pushing the metal clip down with a flathead screwdriver....when i pull on the lever to try to get it to the other side, it gets extremely tight and I don't want to go any further in fear of damaging it...

ANY HELP APPRECIATED, this is kind of holding up my building process =(
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  1. hello there care if i bugged you... just open the lever using your own hand with rubber glove equip cause if you accidentally touched the motherboard it will damaged the component cause we human got electrostatic charge.. so with rubber glove equip it will cause electrostatic discharge means good. dun worry it will not damaged either your board or ur cpu :whistle:
  2. What? Just turn the system off an make sure some part of your arm or hand is touching the metal of the PSU or computer case. This should give you sufficient grounding to prevent ESD. You could also invest in an anti ESD wrist srap, they only cost a couple bucks.
  3. thanks I just forced the lever to the other side....I guess it just fits EXTREMELY tight...I mean I was leaning with some of my bodyweight to get thta little lever down lol...but its on

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