Noctua fans - help me pick which one

Hey what Noctua Fan should I get from these 120mm ones

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Ultra Silent Fan, Vortex-Control - 1300/1100/900 rpm
Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120mm 1200/900/600 rpm SSO-Bearing
Noctua NF-S12B ULN 120mm 700/500 rpm SSO-Bearing

I need it for my TRUE-120, or I could swap it for a front antec case fan and put the new more silient Noctua fan in the front pannel harddrive bay.

Being Quiet is a high priority.
I thought I would eliminate the NF-S12B ULN because the NF-S12B FLX can get to 100rpm above the lowest setting of the NF-S12B ULN(no reall difference), meaning the NF-S12B FLX has more advantage over it/more range of speeds.

Now I cant choose between the NF-P12 120mm and the NF-S12B FLX. The NF-S12B FLX has more range of speeds to 100 rpm below the NF-P12, a middle 900rpm and an option to make it completely silient at 600rpm.

I also found some reviews which showed the NF-S12B FLX having 1200rpm producing more air/CFM at a lower dBA then the NF-P12 at 1300rpm, and NF-S12B FLX again has more CFM and lower dBA over the NF-P12 when both are at 900rpm.
Can someone say why would you want to get the NF-P12 over the NF-S12B FLX and what are the advantages over it.

Thanks for your help.


I thought the P12 would be better or is designed more specifically for being a heatstink fan
but these are five review test that Ive seen were the S12 FLX gives lower temps on a True-120 compared to a P12.

P12 vs NF-S12B FLX - comparison

All using the TRUE-120, besides the last 5th review
The P12 only wins with 2 of them(on one review) on a true-120 which I reckon is a waste of money.
True-120 must have wide fin-spacing?
"As shown by the results, the NF-S12B FLX is a wonderful piece of engineering and technological advancement! However one thing that has become apparent in the use of the fan, is that there is now less need for the P12. With the S12B FLX performing better in low impedance situations of which most of the market will be using. The P12 is then pushed further into the corner as an 'extreme product' for use by those that use radiators with tight fin spacings, which in terms of market share is a very small percentage."

The only con I see is the "Lower Static Pressure than NF-P12" but the results show lower cpu temps.
Doesnt it depend if the TRUE-120 has wide fin-spacing or tight fin-spacing? Looking at those reviews it shows it has wide fin-spacing?
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  2. Have you seen this review site? XBIT is trusted, top notch.

    Find fan reviews here too, even more trusted. It is XS, home to many world champion class overclockers.

    Anyway, looks like your pretty researched out and can make the right decision. Lots of folks buy the HS ones and get a fan controller. There are many many other brands of fans that are good, so don't limit yourself to Nocturna's.

    Knowing radiators well, I'd say the TRUE is wide fin spacing, probably 5 FPI or so. High radiator FPI is over 10, and radiators are much more restrictive. I would worry about pressure as much as quiet /CFM ratings. Two medium Yate Loons from Petras in push pull is pretty good, and cheap too.
  3. ok thanks for your reply

    Would noctua be the best case fans for best silience though?

    And what is HS fans stand for?
  4. HS is high speed.

    I can't say if they are the best for your needs. They are good fans though. It all depends on your case,and your cooling requirements. You buy to low speed and your case has poor airflow to start, you might have issues. It's an individual thing, learn and buy what you feel is best. Ultimately, it's your decision, all I can do is point you in the right direction.
  5. I think my case has good air flow My cpu gets 43C-41C undload load with no fan on the true-120 with a fan i dunno maby around 35C cause my cores are stuck at 35C.

    My graphics card is a low of 35C to a high of 43C

    I have two 120mm front case fans one 200mm fan exhaust at the top and one 120mm at the back. 120mm fans running at 1200rpm.
    Plus the house is between 15C-19C

    My main proiety is to keep the case quiet. And If i were to replace all 120mm fans with noctua there should be an increase in air flow at 1200rpm with lower noise?, cause my antec nine hundred ones are always set to low/1200rpm and no problems with airflow/high temps.

    Thanks for your help.

    Is it bad to have a 1200rpm fan for the heatsink? I have a 2000rpm fan on it now but its like a hurricane power over all other fans.
  6. You can't get much quieter with all the Antec 900 fans on low. I had a 900 and the fans are quiet on low.

    You can't get much quieter than what your at now unless you get two low speed fans on the TRUE and push pull.

    Try to find some medium Gentle Typhoons (new and the best now, very hard to find) and undervolt them with a fan controller.

    Your temps are really really good already. Your house is COLD!
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