Power Requirements for 9800 GTOC SLI


Just wondering if this power supply: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=3438607&sku=C13-2502&srkey=corsair%20650

Rated as SLI capable, 650 watts, 52 amps on a single 12 volt rail, would run 2 BFG 9800 GT OC SLI http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4116773&CatId=3670
Each card states a 450W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 24A or more (Minimum system power requirement based on a PC configured with an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor).

So what would be the approximate ratings for 2 of these cards in sli?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. That PSU will easily handle those cards in SLI.

    The 9800 GTX SLI, which draws more than yours, draws 228W or 19A for the cards only. that leaves 33A for the rest of the system. As I said, your cards should draw less than that, or similar with the OC but I doubt it, so you are in good shape.
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