Cant Install Win XP Pro thro Boot mode?

I was trying to Re-Install Win XP Pro in my system since I am having loads of Temporary Internet Files and even deleting thro IE or manually deleting is not emptying space.
I was using the system some 1 year back and since then not using it since shifted to laptop. So now when I try to re-install win xp thro Win XP CD thro boot medium as CD/DVD, I am getting the following error,

ERROR #5009
MAP Extract Error
Error decompressing MAP file.
The System was halted.

I tried many times and another time I had error something like "File xxxx is missing" or something like that..

And one more time like "Boot Failure... Make sure proper boot device is selected"

I have C partition where windows in installed, D and F partitions where data is there. So I dont want to format entire Hard disk and install Win. So I prefer re-installing it in C partition.

Actually I had 2 drives(1 CD drive and 1 DVD drive) both are >2 years old. Again now when I tried to boot install win xp, the below error I encountered in blue screen,
File \i386\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

Another time I got this error in normal black screen but in 2nd drive I guess,
INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 8192. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

These above errors are coming after Windows installation starts... To be more clear after the following events occur,

Press any key to continue..
Windows is scanning your computer's hardware configuration...
Press F2 to run an automated system recovery(ASR)..
Windows is copying setup files...

As I said earlier, sometimes I am getting that Boot failure..."

I feel there is a problem with my CD/DVD drives... ? because I might have tried some 100 times but in vain
So I thought of buying a new transcend portable CD/DVD drive which can be connected in USB port..
Plz look @

So what could be the problem?

Please suggest. Thanks.
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  1. I think I would remove one of the optical drives and make sure the remaining one is jumpered correctly (if necessary).

    In an IDE system I would mount it as the primary drive on the second IDE channel but no doubt your motherboard is newer than mine.

    Then in the BIOS screens make sure that you are booting from the remaining drive.

    In the unlikely event that both your optical drives have failed (try testing them in another machine ?), replace with a new internal drive. I would not favour using a USB drive in order to install Windows in case the motherboard doesn't support USB reliably without Windows.
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