new system build; need motherboard opinion plz

Please recommend a SLI capable bad ass MOBO for under $250 and ram. I'm going to get one video card for now, and another 6 months down the line. I'll be using the PC for gaming. Thanks in advance guys!

Intel Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 2.4GHz w/ 2x4MB $210
$300 eVGA e-GeForce GTX 260 SSC Edition 896MB PCI-E w/ Dual DVI,
$100 650 gig
$115-140 750w psu
$200 large case cosmos 1000 ?
$100 4 gig ram, (highest frequency 1066?)

$30 DVD burner
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  1. anyone?
  2. Opinion he asked.
    X48 motherboard
    4870x2 Video card. Wait a week or two. or 4870 now if you cant wait and another later.
    But 2 x 4870x2.....look out.
  3. buddy the price of 2x260 is similar to 2x4870. I haven't seen any benchmarks of 2x260 SLI and I'm assuming it's a good setup
  4. There is nothing wrong with Nvidia Video cards. Its the Nvidia chip motherboards. Hence the Intel/Ati recomendation for 2+ Video cards.

    Who do you think will get Nvidia's Sli technology when they quit making motherboard chipsets? Will they offer it to everyone? I dont know.
  5. If you want to use 2 Nvidia card, you have no choice but to go with Nvidia chipsets (which aren't the best around). Get any 780i board from here, I think the best 2 rated are the XFX and the EVGA. knotknut is right, the Intel chipsets are the best right now, but only support CrossFire.
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