OCZ Summit Problems

I found a very reasonably priced OCZ Summit 60Gb ($180 with free shipping). However, I saw on the OCZ forums that a number of people are having problems getting TRIM and garbage collection to work properly with these units.

Does anybody here own one of the OCZ Summit drives? Is everything running smoothly or are you experiencing problems? Would you recommend buying the Summit at this price or would you recommend against it?
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  1. I have the 120gb edition and as far as everyday function, its great. Beats a wd velociraptor in read speeds and is silent to boot! It has progressively "slowed" down since I purchased it awhile back, however. I've read that this is due to garbage collection etc. Its still fast but...doesn't seem ideal. OCZ has released a firmware update to correct these problems. I haven't flashed mine yet but it should help. I paid way more that 180 so it does seem like a good deal. Just my 2 cents; I'm no expert but I'm still happy with mine over hdd.
  2. Thanks for your note, wyspyr. I wonder if anybody else could weigh in on this (preferably somebody who is using this drive under Windows 7).
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    Hey man in case your still following it I flashed my ssd and it has gained its original performance back. Woot!!! Also I'm currently running Win 7 Ultimate and it gets a 7.2 rating. Hope this helps.
  4. So I ended up going with the 120GB Agility instead. It gives me a 6.7 rating on Win 7 Professional.
  5. I got 2 of these disks :)

    1 for windows 7 64bit
    1 for gaming..

    Had crashes before I flashed the firmware..

    Now I cant describe how niceness this is!

    load times.. small tasks. larger tasks! this is just pure love.

    so nice for the price! cant be better atm imo.

    boot time for windows 7 ultimate is around 12 seconds (from the win logo shows, until I can use the pc)

    in general almost every smaller task in windows opens instantly compared to before (had 7200rpm 32MB cache HDD disks)

    - _-
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