Remove Hardware Safely Icon lists C drive and D Drive as removable disks

My C: Drive and D: Drive are in the Remove Hardware Safely list as being ready to safely remove.. What do i need to stop the (2) HD's from being put on this list?

The (2) HD's are WD SATA2 500 GB

OS is Vista Home Premium
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  1. Just to be clear, these are two drives inside your computer, connected directly to your motherboard?

    What's happening is that Vista assumes that both drives are removable, which is true to a certain extent because SATA ports are designed for drive hot-swapping. Go to Device Manager (type in "Device Manager" in your Start menu search box then press enter). Look under Disk Drives and you'll see both your drives listed.

    For each drive:
    Right-click on the name and select Properties
    Go to the Policies tab
    Make sure the drive is set for Performance, not for Quick Removal

    This should tell windows to not list the drives as being ready to safely remove. Good luck!
  2. Nope. I have three drives, including the boot drive, connected to the motherboard SATA ports that are all set to "Performance", and they're all listed when you click the "Safely Remove Device" icon.
  3. I found this Microsoft doc and it worked for me!

    I'm using Windows 7 64bit.
  4. Excellent find, thanks for sharing it!
  5. Yeah, CCBaxter_64, thanks. I've got that one filed away for reference!
  6. thanks for the info.. this is the first time ive ever seen this.
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