A used floppy disk becomes unreadable

I have an A: drive on my computer and all the stored files on the floppy disk that I have used for a while now I can't access now. How do I get the stored files off of it to transfer to a flash drive??? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Unfortunatly floppy disks are not very reliable, this happens a lot. When left near anything that generates a magnetic field they can be corrupted. Things like mobile phones, monitors and tv's are just some of these.
    To be sure it's the disks at fault try them in another floppy drive, perhaps you know someone who has one. It's possible the drive itself is faulty.
    Have you tried a new floppy disk to see if it can be written to and read from?
  2. Yes, I have tried another floppy disk and all the stored files came up on it (even when I opened the files too). The weird thing was I was just using the floppy disk that I couldn't access the files from and not but a half an hour later the files wouldn't come up. I got error codes that didn't make sense. Since I have hard copies of all the files that are on this floppy, I can just retype them. Which storage devise would you recommend storing my new files on??? Thanks for your help.

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    I would store the files on both my hard drive and on a flash drive if they are important.
  4. Thanks for advise, but we try not to store any personal files on our hard drive in case of a crash or someone hacks into our system. I'll look into getting a flash drive. Have a nice evening.

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