XFX 750i SLi - OC'ing and Mem. help pls.

Im looking to do a relatively cheap upgrade of my system, I use it for gaming but also movies, music and some 3D work. I was hoping someone with this board could tell me what they have as a setup and how much they have managed to OC the components.

Im looking to get:

Intel E8400
XFX 750i SLi
OCZ DDR2 Reaper Edition (cas 4) PC2-6400 800MHz 4GB (2x2GB)

Found this for £306 delivered

I have one 9600GT already and will buy a 2nd in the coming weeks.

I opted for the xfx as noise is an issue for me and the xfx board is the only fanless 750i. Im after any feedback and/or suggestions anyone may have, owners def. included.

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  1. All of the 750i's have fanless northbridge heatsinks, a fan comes with the EVGA/XFX ones it but its optional.
  2. The settings I'm running my e8500 at are in my configuration.

    Also, I'd definitely recommend putting the NB fan on. My NB gets pretty hot, and I barely even notice the fan.
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