Still have couple question left before placing order

Hi everyone, first thing i will like to thanks all of you that gave me advises on my previous posts, also i will like to thanks tom's. :hello:

back to the topic,
here i already made some purchased from local computer shop and ebay:
case: cm stacker 830 blk
mem: corsair 2x2 ddr2 with dhx cooling
psu: corsair 650w
os: full verison vista ult 64bit
display: hp 2207 22"

here is what i will buy:
cpu: intel Q6600
mobo: asus p5q pro
cpu cooler: XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 with bracket
hd: wd 640 *thinking to put 2* i download alot.
vga card: hd 4870 ati

here is my question:

1. i am going to put two hd for my build and one dvd burner, with the mobo p5q pro how do i connect them together? do i need to buy extra cables? i never deal with sata drive do i need to set master/slave?

2. i will get hd 4870 ati and do you think that ok with my hp moniter? i think i will use dvi when install and after that i will hook it with hdmi. some post said the ati will not match with some moniters.

3. do you think the psu i bought ok with the hardware i am installing?

4. what else do i need to build my system, i want to make my order together.

thank you everyone in tom's
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  1. 1. Cables comes with the motherboard- only 1 drive per channel.. Slave/master do not exist.
    2. Fine
    3. GREAT PSU
    4. A screwdriver and some beer for when you get done (or whatever you drink).
  2. for the ram i bought i have 15 days to return, do you think corair worth for the money? some people in newegg said something regard to the timing but i have no idea what they are talking about.

    do i need to update the bios after everything done? or it will update itself.
  3. Not sure why the model with 5-5-5-12 would be more expensive than the one with 4-4-4-12 other than that, it's a newer model in line. Either way, you can tighten the timings on the more expensive to 4-4-4-12 anyways.

    you have to do the BIOS yourself
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