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Hey all, I have a E8400 running at 3.6ghz FSB 400.91x9 voltage at 1.26. I was trying to determine if my temperatures are fine after some OC, so I ran EVEREST Benchmark on my CPU, and it'll go from 48C idle to around 85 to 87 Full load, I read 74C max is the safe temperature for this core, is 85 - 87 really safe for this chip? what should I do =\
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  1. Buy an aftermarker heatsink and somer proper thermal paste like AS5.
  2. You have to give more info. Those temps are way too high. My 8500 clocked at
    4.3 ghz and 1.3625 voltage idles at 35. Do you have a stock cooler? If so get rid of it and buy a good aftermarket.
  3. Yep...swapped the default for a HDT S1283 =\ pretty weird though...Don't know why my core is so damn hot.
  4. you need to make sure it is seated correctly, and you dont have on too much thermal paste.
  5. Both checked, weird =(
  6. have you tried other temp software
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