Socket 1156 Build. Need cooler that won't block memory slots

Looking into building a socket 1156 system with the i7 860 cpu.

I've noticed all the motherboards have the CPU socket very close to the memory slots.

here is a link to the motherboard I'm looking at getting ... 6813128400

I want to make sure I don't lose use of a memory slot as there are only 4, and I plan on using all 4.

I'd like to go with a zalman if possible
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  1. if you have cash to burn then go ahead and buy the zalman... If you want a good, inexpensive cooler then you might want to try this :

    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 92mm CPU Fan For Intel & AMD CPU

    or since you have the zalman in mind already you can try this :

  2. That MUX-120 looks like it may work, but it still isn't out yet. Thats the problem im running into only a few aftermarket coolers out for the socket 1156 so far.

    Zalman has 1 but its huge and im sure it blocks memory slots. Noctua has 1 but it is also huge.

    The zalman site shows they have a bracket out but nobody is stocking it yet
  3. Yea, but I do not know why most websites state that it should have been released by sept 10th. Makes no sense at all. I would call them and ask why it is not in stock ATM....
  4. I ended up going with this cooler, and was able to use all 4 of my memory slots
  5. Actually, the issue depends on the memory sticks, not on the cooler. The memory sticks with the large, tall memory heatspreaders that sort of look like a comb are the ones that interfere with the large tower style cpu heatsinks. If you have just plain memory sticks or memory sticks with stock heatspreaders, then you will be okay. The trick is to install the memory sticks before installing the cpu heatsink.
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