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Well my question is. How do you overclock a CPU and RAM?. I got E7300 dual core 2.7GHz and i realy want to overclock it to 3GHz and i got 4GB DDR 2 running at 800MHz i guess. Can you use a program like you do when overclocking GPUs or do you need something else?

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  1. For overcloking the RAM, you can do it from the BIOS. but remember that this process isn't covered for the warranty of the product. The same for the CPU, from the BIOS you can do all the process, but make you sure that you know how do a good overclock.
  2. you know any good overclocks for my CPU? or RAM? any recommended?

    Everything you need is in there, on the very first post. If you feel a bit puzzled by all the details, it's perfectly normal. Just read it again and again.

    Or, maybe your motherboard comes with an OS overclocking utility. I'm no fan of those, but for a small overclock like this, it may be just fine.
  4. Assuming you want to overclock for better video game performance:

    Open Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and leave it running while you play a game. If none of the cores hit 100% you will not benefit from an overclock as your graphics card is holding you back.

    You can also use this to guess how much benefit you'd get from a better graphics card. If your CPU's running at about 90% in a game it means you would only benefit from (roughly) a 10% better card.

    Overclocking. Here's what I did:
    I have an X2-4800+ S939 AMD, 4GB of DDR3200 @400MHz and an HD3870 graphics card.

    I dropped the RAM down to 333MHz, when I overclocked my CPU this was tied to my RAM so the RAM went back up. I overclocked my CPU by 15% to 2.76GHz. My RAM went from 333MHz to 383MHz. My graphics card is overclocked by only 5%.

    I'll run this for two weeks then overclock another 5% on the CPU and RAM. The graphics card doesn't overclock well but I'll try another 5% on it too. I have a really good heatsink and fan for my CPU but just stock cooling on the graphics card. My RAM isn't designed to overclock which is why I dropped its frequency down first so when i bring it back up with the CPU timings I'm not overclocking it.
  5. ok thank you for your help =D
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