i have a GA-MA69GM-S2H AM2 and I'm having problems getting the on board audio jacks on back working. i understand there is a known/unknown problem with this motherboard with vista even though its supposed to be vista compatible. any help would be great.

i did verify bios.
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  1. Which jacks are you trying to use? S/PDIF or the mini-jacks?
    What Realtek driver version are you using?
    Have you gone into the Realtek GUI and set up your audio and speakers?
  2. i have same problem, exactly... but with GA-X48-DQ6 , i asked the same question here, in anandtech's forum, in Guru3D's forum and in Vista64's forum... no one could help me :(

    like u, i cant get sound out of analog back panel AND front panel, mic doesnt work also. i dont know if the digital output works, i dont have anything to test that!

    in the realtek audio manager, the back panel is inactive!

    i think we have same problems :cry: i e-mailed gigabyte and they just apologized :o (i dont know what can i do with that answer!!! is it going to solve my problem?! no! ).
    i also e-mailed Realtek last week, they didnt even answer! ( that's much more better than apology!)
    i dont know what to do !!!

    at least im happy im not alone :hello:

    these are some screenshots, if u have same problem, lets do something about it together, maybe we will find an answer... (and dont worry, if u dont want to, i wont bother u!)

    these are the things that i tried till now ( for past 18 days!) and still no sound !

    and i forgot to mention that i tried Win XP SP2 & SP3, Win Vista Ultimate 32 Bit SP1 and 64 Bit SP1... no difference!
  3. i spent a couple of hours on the phone with tech support with np prevail. im setting up an rma.

    i never had a problem getting the hdm working. unfortunately it wasn't powerful enough to handle blu ray so i bought a grafic card. works much better.
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