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I posted earlier about reverting my system from a Raid 0 config to a normal master slave setup. I had some problems with this but I managed to get windows xp to install and load. My problem now is that windows is not detecting my second (slave) drive.

I have checked bios and its detecting it there, when I boot up my system the loading screen flashes twice, which leades me to believe that both drives are being loaded independantly one after another, I am not sure how I go about fixing this. I've gone through nearly ever setting in bios but can't see anything that would fix my problem.

IdE masters and slave are set to (none) and are on auto detect.
Sata 1 is my first main drive
Sata 2 is my slave drive

and bios is reading them. I tried disabling ATA configuration but that prevented my system from loading all together.

Can anyone help me out? would be much appriceated

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  1. First of all, there is no such thing as master or slave when dealing with sata drives.

    you have to go into the drive manager and map the drive

    right click on my computer and select manage, then go to the drive manager, and map the other drive
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