8800 Ultra Power Consumption??

hi guys,
i am about to upgrade my system and was wondering what power supply should be enough to power that beast of a card.
its an overclocked version and i will be mainly using it for playing games.
here are the rest of the specifications,

BFG 680i Sli mobo
BFG 8800 Ultra VGA OC
2GB Corsair cas5 xms2
500 GB Seagate 32MB
Q6600 Go stepping (finally made up my mind to go with quad core)
Audigy 2 sound card (still gonna stick with it dont think its worth getting an Xfi)
Antec three hundred casing
Pioneer DVD RW

any suggestion will be highly appreciated.
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  1. thats old, the 8800 ultra, why not a 9800gtx+, gtx260?
  2. wh3resmycar said:
    thats old, the 8800 ultra, why not a 9800gtx+, gtx260?

    Maybe it's leftover from old system?

    And here:
  3. First off, what PSU do you have? Something like a Corsair 500W PSU can handle the 8800Ultra.
  4. hi guys thx for the reply,
    yes i got this vga cheap, and besides its performance is on par and in some cases even better than a 9800gtx.
    i ordered a 650tx corsair psu just to make my pc future proof in case i wanna go SLI.
    thx for the link dagger it helped me a lot.
  5. :S would a 650 handle two 8800 ultra's? :??:
  6. V3NOM said:
    :S would a 650 handle two 8800 ultra's? :??:

    A Corsair 650W would be able to.
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