Raid 0 hdd vs single SSD

There isn't much info out there comparing raid 0 setups vs ssd single drives.

We all know you can chian ssd drives for massive performance, but it chains a massive pricetag for the space.

I am currently running 4x baracuda 160s in raid 0 with a single 750 backup drive (about 320g used space with all programs and games installed). Response is way better than a single drive, was curious how close it is to a single SSD performance (real work load not synthetics ie: photoshop, cs4, cad.)

Toms likes to do price comparisons, what I would like to see is comparing price points with hdds vs ssds. 4x 500gb hdds in raid 0 vs 1 60-80g ssd, ($250 2TB vs 80GB) or 8 vs 2 at $500. There will be a point where you will be limited by the bandwith of the controller being used.

While boot times are nice to know, its not something I live by (I turn on the computer after work and go fix dinner, its running well before I am done)

Toms did a raid 0 comparison, but it was 4 hdd drives vs 4 ssd drives, no brainer who is gonna win that one.

Biggest issue with SSD is the storage space, would be nice to have a comparison with performance vs space at a given price point.
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  1. noob2222: I have the following setupfor hds: OS Intel X25MG2 80g ssd; Seagate 250g sataII; WD Green 1 tb

    Tell me what you want run on it and I'll e-mail you the results or post.
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