Best pc test stress

Which one is better for testing stability of a overclocked pc?
In my tests intel burn v2 pumps the temps with like 4-6 celsius more then Prime and gives faster response if your pc is stable or not.
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  1. Prime95 (theres different modes btw)

    OCCT is also apparently good although it craps out on me too often to recommend it - its still crap to me.
  2. I have used Prime95 for temperature test(large FFT test some ram). OCCT runs only on two core, I can't make it run on the others two, I have errors.
  3. prime 95 Blend for 3hours is the best thing to check stability!
  4. using Prime for 3 hours gives no errors, but after using Intel BUrn Test in high settings stress gives error after 10 minutes.
    Is more thrustly Intel burn or i just have to run prime for a longer time ?
    COre 2 duo e 4500 333x 9 -- 3.00 ghz
    Gigabyte p 31 es3g Bios F4
    4 giga ram Adata extreme ddr 2 800 + set to 1:1 ratio
    Gainward 9600 gt 512 mb ddr3
    1tb Hitachi s-ata
    450 watt delux
    Cooling Arctic freezer extreme
    1 case fan
    P.S. I cant get stable 3300 ghz even using the maximum cpu Vcore. fsb volt. etc
    Is this happennig because of the mobo or because of other component, maybe the psu wich is not a strong brand name ?
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