Starting a raid help and data nuker

right now i have 3 hard drives in my computer,
one c:\ is 1.5tb, has no data that "needs" to backed up, and is probably failing
two f:\ is 1.5tb that has crap loads of data, its probably failing too, and it use to be c:\ until my motherboard short circuited and windows would boot on the new one, but it has a 300gb partial back up of the most important things
three is e:\ which is 250gb, and use to be the c:\ drive, until windows wouldn't boot anymore, than i got a 4th hard drive that is ide, that is 300gb, and that was the c:\ until windows yet again wouldn't boot. and was replaced by the f:\ drive

as you can see i have a cluster of drives and each has various problems.

i never had enough money to get a hard drive JUST for the purpose of booting. usually when i had the chance, i filled the old hard drive and i needed more space ASAP but now im just sick of hard drives all together.

im going to be getting a job as soon as i can find one willing to higher me. and because i still live at home, my livening expenses are really low, so i was thinking of fixing this hard drvie mess as soon as possible.

i know that the initial price of external raid is going to be considerable, so thats why i came here for help

what i plan is first, im going to get a ssd boot drive, and second will be a small 120-300gb scratch disc.
and second will be setting up 2 1.5tb raid drives, with at least 2 hdd in each configuration.

however here is where im running into problems.

i want to know if i can plug in my 1.5tb with data on it into the drive with a blank 1.5tb and it will figure out that i want the data on the first one on the second, or would i need to put 2 blank drives into the enclosure and than copy data to it?

esata, i dont get it

i know they arent the same, but they are both esata
second, and alternatively, i could go usb2, i really don't mind that the speed will be slower, its just that should i wait till usb 3 becomes more popular and comes down in price?

im liking raid 1, mainly because its not speed im looking for but data security. am i wrong with that?

in raid 1, can i take a hard drive out of raid and hook it up inside a computer like normal, and still reach the data? this is just planning ahead in case the external raid enclosure fails.

and finnaly, when i do get a job, im looking at it providing me with 500-600$ a week, and im willing to blow a month of pay on my computer so i NEVER AGAIN have to worry about data loss, barring extreme circumstances. but even than i will have internal hard drives that i only hook up once a month to back up what is on the raid's

now i am willing to spend over 2000$ on the data security, but i want to go as cheap as i can with well trusted brands.

and i know a long time ago i saw on the screen savers a data nuker. something along the lines of a extremely high powered magnet made for hard drive data removal. i want to know if they still make something like that, something that will erase data even from a drive that wont spin, that also wont void warranty.

see if i had a raid, and a data nuker, i could take the drive out, nuke it, and send it back even if it wasn't completely failed, just shows signs of concern, plug in the internal hard drive, back up data, and wait for the replacement drive.
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  1. maybe your main concern should be getting a job.....
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