Curious Hard Drive Issue - Stumped Noob

My question relates to the installation of sata drives working with windows XP. Please forgive my noob terminology, I've changed my drive configuration many times in the past but always ran them from the ide cable off the mother board. Sata drives are new to me and Im still trying to learn.

My Issue is as follows:

Got a comp that was set up in a raid 0 configuration which I needed to change back to a regular primary/secondary configuration. not really knowing what I was doing and reading various forums I think I managed to delete the raid setup (Im not sure how to confirm this) and then reinstalled windows on the primary drive.

After some monkeying around in bios and setting it to its default values,(figured a factory default would fix everything) I managed to get windows to install.

Problem #1) Although the system is finding my secondary hard drive both in bios and windows, in windows it is showing me a "remove hardware icon" for it on my taskbar, which leads me to believe that even though "my computer" says its a local drive the system is reading it as an external, it is also showing my internal DVDrom in this list of "safely remove hardware".

Problem #2) is now, that I don't know how to confirm that my set up is correct (that the raid is gone and Im correctly configured) in the set up I want.

Also, Im not sure if its relivant or not but when my system loads the boot up screen is flashing twice, it never did before, which makes me think its loading first the primary drive and then the second one independantly.

Im thinking I either haven't enabled something in the bios or there is some setting that still needs to be changed to have it read the drives normally.

I've never encountered this problem before and Im unsure how to troubleshoot it

any tips at all would be greatly appriceated.
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    Go to control panel/administrative tools/computer management/storage/disk management/
    You should see a list of your drives. Check that the secondary drive is a healthy NTFS partition. If not, you will have the tools to fix it there.
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