Which graphic card would support my mobo

Hi all,could somebody please advise me which graphic card would be best for my mobo type.I am a noob with hardware so the only information I have about the mobo is what I got after scanning it with cpu-z






I also planning for a ram upgrade but seems like my mobo does not support dual channeling (or does it,please shed some light on this).Is this going to affect the performance of the gpu in any way.Waiting for your replies.Thanks
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  1. The cpu is slow and may bottleneck higher performing gpus. What interface? AGP or PCIE? Run this and post results:
  2. Thank you for replying dagger.Had network problem yesterday hence the delay in replying.Here's the results that you wanted



    Hope this are helpful in some way do let me know if you need any more information.Once again thanks for replying
  3. I have an PCIE slots,no agp
  4. Quote:
    I have an PCIE slots,no agp

    Then you'll be able to use any PCIE graphics card, pcie1.x or pcie2.0. Pcie2.0 is backward compatible, so no problem there.

    If you plan to run games, common choices include 3850 8800gs/9600gso, 9600gt, 3870, 8800gt/9800gt, g92 8800gts/9800gtx, 4850, gtx260, 4870, gtx280, 9800gx2, 4870x2, in ascending order or performance. Your old cpu will bottleneck higher end graphics cards, but it shouldn't be too severe until 4850.
  5. Thank you for your time and patience dagger,you just made my life a little more happier and simpler.thank you.
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