A question abouf intel's i5 750 cooler stock

Im about to to purchase an i5 750 processor to my new computer. Im not going to overclock it, so I thought I shouldnt buy a good cpu cooler. Someone told I should buy a cheap cpu cooler like Cooler Master Hyper TX 3 because when the processor is at load it can get very hot and the cooler stock doesnt cooling enough the processor. Should I do it and buy CM hTX3 or should I stay with the cooler stock.
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  1. Considering that the 750 can Turbo pretty high, I don't recommend stock.Get something like this:

    The TX3 isn't that good. But the one I linked to is pretty decent for the price. There are better ones out there, but they don't have LGA1156 brackets out yet. (ie Core Contact Freezer).
  2. I ended up buying the Prolimatech Megahalem from here:


    I originally had the TX3 with my i5 750. Eventhough it was at stock speeds, it didn't do so well, i.e. mid 70's degrees C under load with prime95. I might've seated it incorrectly, so please take that with a grain of salt. My temps now with the Megahalem is down to the mid 40s under load.
  3. I dont think I should waste 65 bucks on a cooler when Im not even ocing. This i5 computer system is destined for programs like photshop or 3dmax(more to photoshop) and not even games. How a not stock cooler like the CM cooler got to 70 d'?
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