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Hello there i wonder any1 can help me with my hard drive partition. Its an old Maxtor DiamondMax PLus 9 60gb ATA/133 and its been split into 2 separate drive one 10gb and one 49gb. Im not familiar with partition programs can any1 show me how to merge the hard drive back into single drive.

Much appreciated.
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  1. What OS are you using? If you're using XP, you can try Partition Magic...

    edit: try EASEUS partition master.

  2. Yes i currently am using windows xp but the hard drive now is external i dont use it in my current pc
  3. I would copy all the data on the 2nd partition to an external drive. Then, using a partitioning program, delete the 2nd partition and resize the 1st partition using all the free space reclaimed by deleting the 2nd partition.
  4. If you don't have to "merge" all the data:

    Connect the external drive to your PC and copy all the data from it.
    Right click on "My Computer" and select Manage (Or go to Control Panel - > Admistrative Tools -> Computer Management).
    Click on Disk Management and wait for the viewing pane to populate with information on all the drives on your computer.
    Make sure you know which drive you want to repartition and delete all the volumes and partitions on it (be very careful here because all the data on these volumes and partitions will be lost).
    Create a primary partition, making it as large as permitted (all but 8 MB, or something like that).
    On the new partition, create a volume and format it (NTFS, FAT, or FAT32).

    If you have to "merge" all the data, and don't want a "pay for" partitioning tool, try the open source Gnome Partition Editor on Sourceforge (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/).

    Hope this helps.
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