Computer not booting up

I was on the internet a few weeks ago and my computer totally froze. tried control alt delete but nothng worked had to switch off the computer and try and re-boot it. I have not added any new hardware or changed any settings recently to cause this.

Since then it appears that the monitor is not receiving any signal only displays "No signal input" briefly as it is turned on. I have tested the monitor by plugging in my laptop and it seems fine. I also tested the graphics card on another computer and it is fine.

The Mother Board seems to be getting power as there is a light that is switched on when it gets power and the processor and graphics card fans both run, but I never get anything appearing on the monitor screen, no Bios start up etc.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can diagnose the cause.

Mother Board : Asus A8N-E
processor : AMD
Graphics Card : Nvida GeForce 6600V
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  1. Could be caused by a few things... RAM, PSU, or Hard Drive dying, virus, spyware.
    Run some antivirus and antispyware, try Memtest to test your RAM, HD Tune should tell you if your hard drive is good or bad.
  2. Try to reset the bios by clearing cmos. See section 1-9 page 1-21 in your manual it will explain how to do this.
  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for the advice. Can not try any antivirus, spyware Memtest etc as when I boot the computer nothing apperars on the monitor not even DOS. I just get the no signal input message on my monitor.

    Will try to reset the bios though if I can not sure if this will be possible if I get nothing on the monitor but I will look up the info in the manual as you suggest.

    Thank you.
  4. david_ste,

    This information is in section 1.9 and page 1.21, also you do not need to see anything to do this, as a matter of fact, this is done with the system off and the power supply turned off.
  5. Hi there,

    Tried resetting the Bios just went through the manual as you described. Still does not work though, still getting nothing.

    Also tried uplugging the DVD drives and hard drive to see if it would boot and that did not work. Took the Fan and Heat Sink off as well and gave it a clean then reconnected that back up but still nothing.

    Checked all the connections on the mother board they all seemed fairly secure, but there was one that did seem a bit loose think it is the power for the led light on the mother board. Made sure it was in tight but still nothing.

    Any more ideas?

  6. It could be your PSU. What size and brand do you have and is there a place near you where you can get it tested?
  7. Does your computer try to POST (ie do you hear the computer beep when you turn it on)? Probably the most important factor in determining your problem.

    Try your PSU in another computer. Also, try your RAM one stick at a time, if you have more than 1 stick.

    Remove your CPu and see if there is any damage to it (burn marks).

    Odds are pretty good it's the motherboard. If your PSU didn't smoke, and it powers everything up, that's -probably- fine. DVD drive doesn't matter. HDD doesn't matter. Graphics card doesn't matter. Even if all your RAM was bad, it should still start and fail POST, producing a long beeping sound.

    Assuming all your power connectors are good and seated properly, I'd bet the farm on motherboard. That models probably 3-4 years old anyways, right?
  8. Have not heard any beeps was one of the things I checked. Plugged the speakers in booted up and nothing. Tried the RAM one stick at a time and one slot at a time. Took the heat sink and fan off got a vaccum out and had a look at the CPU, apart from (Not sure what its called but the paste stuff you put on it to keep the heat sink fitted on top of the CPU) no burn marks etc.

    Also tried unplugging everything I can DVD Drives, Hard Drive etc before I boot up and switch it on and still absolutely nothing.

    Had the computer for about 3 years now so the Motherboard must be at least that old.

    Thank you again for the help.

    May try and get the PSU tested at the weekend if I can, if thats not the problem then I am sure it must be the Motherboard.
  9. Hi there,

    I checked the model of the PSU its a LC-B450E.
  10. Sounds like the motherboard to me. It was almost exactly like what happened to me: I was in the menu of CoH and the PC suddenly hung and I had to cold reboot the PC.
    After that, booting was intermittent, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I tried replacing the PSU, the GPU and even bought a new barebones system. Didn't work.
    I did manage to fix this problem by, well, buying a new computer. Good luck on that, really

    Oh, and my motherboard then was an asus too... it was an HP computer.
  11. Thank you for the advice, think it must be the motherboard. I know someone who has an amp meter so I am going to check the power supply etc and the power going to each section.

    Someone also suggested booting up the computer and if there are lights on the keyboard (Caps Lock etc) it is almost certainly not the power supply.
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