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My computer won't boot up anymore. First I thought my HD was bad and replaced it, and after trying to install windows and having weird things happen, I'm pretty sure its a hardware problem somewhere else. My computer is 3 years old so I'm thinking it would be easier to get a new cpu/mobo. I currently have an ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE. I'd like advice on a replacement mobo/cpu that would accept my 4 sticks of RAM (ddr pc3200XL Corsair RT). I'd like to keep my budget between $300-$500. I also game, but at the moment money is tight so closer to the $300 would be best for me.

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  1. What motherboard and CPU are you replacing?

    In fact just list the whole system specs so people can check for overall compatibility...
  2. i have an athlon 3800 with 2 gigs ram, sata hard drive, and the MB is mentioned above. I have 2 gigs of ram, a nvidia 6800 GT. The MB does have built in ethernet and surround sound that I use. I play games like TF2 and oblivion, but with my 6800GT I can't play anything too new atm. I'm concerned with getting a good cpu/MB that would work halfway decent for games for the next few years. I'll worry about upgrading the vid card later.
  3. Considering you can get DDR2 for next to nothing, you should not limit yourself with DDR ram you already have.

    Buying a new MB that supports DDR would be a waste of money, IMO.

    You should go with P35 based MOBO, you can get one for less then $90. Antoher $150 for C2D E6750, and $50 for 2GB of DDR2.
  4. Probably would be a good idea to list your power supply as well.

    For around ~$300 you could get a video card as well;
    E2180 CPU / GA P35-DS3L MB / 2GB RAM / HD 3850
  5. I have an Antec 550w PS. My system was pretty high end when I got it 3 years ago. that cpu seems a little faster than my existing one. Not bad for 70 bucks. The MB looks like it compares to what I have now. Is there another good sweetspot for a better cpu? Oth, If this board u suggest accepts a much better cpu, I could always get one later on.

  6. What would be a good P35 Mobo. Hopefully one that is good for gaming and can handle full size graphics card. I saw one from gigabyte for 90 bucks but it couldn't hold a full length graphic card.
  7. Budee said:
    I saw one from gigabyte for 90 bucks but it couldn't hold a full length graphic card.
    Which motherboard did you see and how did you figure out it wouldnt hold a full length graphic card?
  8. I was reading the comments on newegg, but I might have gotten confused as the model. This one from gigabyte looks like it will hold a full size card from reading user comments.

    I think that one should do nicely. I'm thinking of going with the e8400 as it looks to be about as fast as my old athlon 3800 was 3 years ago (near the top, but not too expensive like the best cpu). I think the e8400 would keep up fine for the next few years. I don't like to replace my computer very often.

    I'd like your opinions on this board.

  9. They will all hold a full size video card.

    The Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L I linked above would be a better choice and less expensive.
  10. Is the memory you suggested:

    Ok with an E8400? I don't really know much about ram.

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