No sound from TV using hdmi-hdmi connection

I have tried literally everything to get sound from my PC to come through my TV, nothing seems to work...

I think I know what the problem is but not sure on how to fix it.. first the important info regarding my PC

Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 Nvidia NF4 ATX Motherboard
+ x2
using the onboard sound that should be everything you need to know if not just ask me (Realtek ALC850 audio onboard sound card)

running a hdmi-hdmi connection from my pc to my TV, there is video just no audio. I think the probl;em lies in the fact in my playback devices I only have "speakers" and "realtek digital output". My headphones work fine from the speakes but I haven't ever been able to get sound from the digital output even though the batrs do move up and downso I know it recognizes sound
I have checked/ticked disconnected and disabled devices and nothing else is showing up.

Tried using a DVI-HDMi convertor, tried using a headphone jack to RCA cable thingy, that didnt work.

Just stuck as to what to try next, hope someone can help :/
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  1. Number 1 : that card doesnt support audio pass through
    Number 2 : it doesnt even have native HDMI, your not going to get audio through a DVI-I to HDMI converter.
  2. jay0 said:
    I have tried literally everything to get sound from my PC

    Literally EVERYTHING?

    That must have taken you millennia.

    Did you have trouble the day you tried using an elephant as an interconnect?

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