Geforce 280 GTX Serious Glitching Issues

Hi everyone,

Recently i purchased an EVGA Geforce 280 GTX, as well as several power supplies for my existing system.

I had several issues with my power supplies, until finally purchasing a Corsair HX 1000W PSU, which seems to be runnign stabally... though i am still having some problems with my geforce 280 card... albeit less frequently than before.

Everything works perfectly for a few hours, until suddenly while playing a game, the game would suggenly lock up (screen freeze) for around 5-10 seconds, then unfreeze; but with highly reduced FPS (60 -> 20 ish) as well as severe graphical glitches. I have noticed this problem in the two games i play the most, World of Warcraft and Crysis. Tabbing into windows prompts a freeze for around 10 seconds, as does tabbing back into the game - but when i do tab back into the game, the glitching textures have been corrected (in WoW), or are still present (in Crysis). Text in crysis is also extremely garbled.

This is fixed by ending the process int ask manager, however alt tabbing to and from windows during games still prompts freezes until the system is restarted. I was sometimes presented with an error upon restarting, stating that i had a "stop error", which is related to either the video hardware or drivers.. but doesn't go into any useful detail.

Previous thread related to these problems:

Screenshots of the glitching:

WoW: (harder to notice for non woW players, but textures are completely messed up on various models in this picture, FPS dropped from over 100 down to 19 etc.)

Crysis: (texture stretched across sceen, garbled text) (notice glithcing blue light and glows, as well as garbled text)

Current System Specs:

Intel core 2 Duo E6600 @2.4 ghz (factory default)
Asus Commando Motherboard (Bios 1703)
Corsair Dominator RAM PC6400 DDRII800 (4x1gb)
Corsair HX 1000W PSU
EVGA Geforce 280 GTX

I am currently running driver version 177.41, though i have experienced this problem on other driver versions while i was testing the other power supplies mentioned in my previous post (which turned out to be faulty). I also experienced the problem a lot more frequently whilr nTune was installed, though i failed to uninstall this before switching from my 8800 ultra to 280 GTX.

I'm going to try running a newer driver version, but i'm honestly out of ideas... does this sound like a software, or hardware problem? I'm worried the card might be faulty, and i'm running out of time to RMA it :(

I would greatly appreciate any help with identifying the problem.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. A quick edit to the notes for one of the images: (notice glithcing blue light and glows, as well as garbled text. There are also squares all over the screen (artifacts?) that were moving aorund randomly at the time.)
  2. Most likely the GPU is overheating.

    What temps are the card running at?

    You are limiting that card with the 6600 at stock.

    Case and ventilation are very important on this gpu due to the heat generated. Your timeline also seems to confirm the heat issue on the cards.
  3. The glitching in WoW occurs when the card is only around 55 degrees.. and it doesnt seem to peak over 75 in crysis.
  4. thinking its drivers. The artifacting looks different than usual, also most artifacting doesnt move around on screen
  5. Exactly the same error is happening with my 8800gs. Using 175.19. My temps are also below 60.
  6. Ive had minor artifacting also, using the 175.19s. It eventually either goes away, or next map is gone. Had alot of trouble wit the the 174s and dumped them. Im almost certain its a driver issue
  7. Thanks for the replies so far.

    Last night i encountered some more odd, and previously unseen glitching:

    I also noticed something rather strange in Crysis. I don't know if this is an intended effect... but when i approach objects in the far distance such as rocks, they appear to "pixelate" in.... It's hard to describe, but rather than fading in, or just appearing (i think this is what has happened in the past), they pixelate in. This seems to happen with Rocks most of the time.

    Note: I was worried that the graphics card may not have been sitting in the PCI-E slot perfectly, as my case was slightly bent. Last night, i bent it back into shape and re-inserted the card, as well as replacing one of my HDD Sata cables to a shorter one (previous one had too much loose cable). It was ayt that point that i noticed the "pixeling in" rocks in crysis, as well as the new glitching shown in the image above. I have taken the card out and re-inserted it several times since them to make sure i hadn't botched it up in any way, but the problem persists.

    Approx. Temperatues:

    Idle windows: 40-45 degrees
    WoW after 2 hours: 55 - 60 degrees
    Crysis 1920x1200 2xAA high quality all after 2 hours: 75 - 80 degrees

    Readings taken using Speedfan (though only active for 2 mins, as for some reason after having them active and in a game for aorund 10 mins, the system bluescreens :/ )

    I began to expect a hardware fault on the card (based on no proffessional experience), and so have opened an RMA, for which i have 28 days to contact Ebuyer for a replacement card. If this is a driver issue, i will test some other driver versions first..

    Since the nvidia site shows driver version 177.41 as the "latest release", is anyone able to recommend a newer, hopefully more stable and polished driver version?

    Thanks for the help.
  8. I've compiled a few frapses of the recent glitches. Please let me know what you make of this:;11667013;/fileinfo.html
  9. Certain objects in game always do this "pixelate in". No worries there. Sometimes theres in game settings that help with this. It appears that the glitch is shadowing your control panel, not clearing the old pixels. Thats not typical. It has to be a driver or installation problem. Have you reinstalled Crysis? This looks like a conflict of some sort, just narrowing it down is the problem. Id reinstall Crysis, and wipe all old drivers using driver sweeper, then redownload and try again.
  10. Thanks Jaydeejohn, ill give that a try.

    Just tested with 177.92, same glitching occurs (the non system instability issues, glitching shown in the video).
  11. The problem is most likeley with your videocard that might be a bit defective, however as a previous poster said with an overheating problem, it might not only be your videocard, other critical parts of your computer may be overheating, do you have a big and very very well ventilated case. I really dont know what to tell you, I have never heard of this happening and it never happened to me, so I suggest you RMA it cause you have nothing to lose if you do.
  12. Is Crysis a legit copy? It just seems weird that you can see the control panel showing thru in game as still there, ghosting
  13. I uninstalled Driver version 177.41, rebooted, used driver sweeper to remove all files, and reinstalled 177.92 - problem persisted.

    I uninstalled crysis, reinstalled, and patched to 1.1. Although the game is noticeably running faster, the problem still persists. I have not had any system freezing glitches as mentioned in my OP, but the AA bug remains.

    I'm using an antec 900 case, front and side fans blowing in, top and rear fans blowing out.

    As far as temperatures go:

    Crysis 30 mins+

    Case: 35 Degrees
    CPU: 34 Degrees
    Gfx card: 75 - 80 degrees
    Memory: unknown, but given the fact that it has its own triple cooling fan bracket, im pretty sure that it isnt overheating.

    I'm going to RMA the card, and test the new one before sending the old one back, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please do post them.

    @Jaydeejohn: it is a legit copy yes, but for some reason the game didnt load due to daemontools, nero, or god knows what, so i was forced to use a cracked executeable only, which has been proven to work on multiple systems flawlessly (afaik).

    Thanks for all of your help
  14. Ill do a lil poking around and see if I can dig anything up.
  15. The last thing I would suggest is to try it over other sticks of ram and another hdd. The freezing and texture corruption also point to virtual memory error so, and as me also having same problem with no spare parts to try on, please reply back with results.
  16. More fun screenshots of WoW, this time with comparrison shots for those who don't play. (refer a to A, b to B etc)

    Correct WoW screenshots:

    Glitched WoW Screenshots:


    I'll try to get a hold of some different RAM to test the system with.

    There was one difference with the glitch this time though: tghe syste,m did not freeze at all, it just happened instantly.. and alt tabbing did not cause the system to hang, but instead instantly corrected the problem.

    Strange. -_-
  17. Note: the card itself was at between 58 and 60 degrees at this point.
  18. Yeah, you probably dont have overheating problems, you have a nice case and good ventilation so it might be something else. I will do some more reaserch and see if I can find any useful information.
  19. Thanks guys, i really appreciate it.

    I'm spending as much time as possible to solve this, but my lack of knowledge is bringing me to a dead end now :/ the last thing i can think of is having the card replaced and hoping for the best
  20. rma the card
  21. rangers said:
    rma the card


    Could be corrupt memory modules also. And a lot of other things... If u can RMA it, do it and get another one.

  22. Alright, I was doing lots of reading and I found out that a lot of 280gtx have faulty cores that overheat even when the card is 50-60C. First off I suggest you get some software ( I would recommend getting evga overclocking software or Rivatuner), and underclock your card, and I mean seriously seriously underclock your card and turn on your fan speed to 100% and try to cool it down as much as you can and anyway you can. Then try playing lets say crysis, and play it for a while. I would suggest opening your computer case and putting fans all around the card to really really cool it down. If you are able to play crysis for a much longer period of time then you usually are then I am pretty sure you have a faulty core that cant withstand any heat. Based on my reaserch an overheated faulty core will cause exactly what is happening in those images you provided me. Meanwhile I will do some more reaserch on more possible issues. Personally I know RMA a card can be hassle and pain, but I dont know about you but I if I bought something that much, I sure as hell would want that dam card to work. lol.
  23. Thank you for that post Blackhawk, i am definitely going to RMA the card now.

    But in response to underclocking; f*ck that. I did not pay over £300 for a barely functional, and if underclocked, miniscule upgrade to my previous 8800 ultra. I really hope that Ebuyer don't attempt to screw me over with their half-arsed testing procedures and proclaimt he card as "perfect working order" :/
  24. Sorry, it seems i misread your message a bit (i'll blame that on still being up at 3 am -_-)

    While i had nTune installed 7-10 days ago, i did auto set the GPU fan to a constant 85% speed, that was about the cutoff point until it started sounding like a lawnmower, and for those 5 hours of play, i was glitch free. The nexy day after setting the fan to Auto, i started getting system lockups and Stop Errors after 1 1/2 - 4 hours of play. That seems to support the theory of a faulty core and inbcorrect temp readings on nTune and speedfan.
  25. aha there it is
  26. Good, I think we might have solved your problem, excellent. Lets hope the new card works. And yea, I didn't mean to permantly underclock your card, I just ment to underclock it to see if it was a faulty gpu, becuase it wont heat up as much if you underclock so it would determine your faulty core. But its okay.
  27. I wouldn't call the 5 hours of play with no magor glitches with fan speed at 85% conclusive, since the major glitching usuallyt doesnt happen until the system has been on for around 12 hours, but fingers crossed :P
  28. Concerning my RAM:

    I'm currently using 4x 1GB DDR2 800 Corsair Dominator ram, however my Bios (updatesd to latest version) only recognises 3008mb, and windows XP recognises 2.93gb (however programs such as cpu-z recognise 4x 1gb module present).

    I have heard that there have been issues of windows XP not recognising more than a certain amount (currently using win XP SP2), but i found it rather odd that my Bios is only recognising an ofdd amount as well.

    I am going to take 2x 1gb modules out, leaving the remaining 2x 1gb modules in SLi, but i have a quesiton concerning performancE:

    Given that i have n ever seen my ram useage going over 2gb, would i notice a performance decrease when i go from 4x 1gb to 2x 1gb chips? I have also heard form somewhere that fewer ram chips also means an increase in performance, can anyone verify if this is true? So far i have been unable to find any articles on the subject.
  29. Update: the objects randomly appearing and disappearing in crysis seem to be an issue with the game, but the main problem remains the strange visual behavior or artifacting when anti aliasing is on, plus the more serious problems.

    I can confirm that the problem with AA only occurs after the game has been run for a while (with GPU core temps elivated). If the sensors are accurate, then it is possible that the card is unstable at far lower temps than the stated threshold of 105 degrees. The average temp of the GPU in my case is between 75 and 80 degrees in crysis with the stated settings.
  30. Ive read reports of the sensors being off, and the G280 sometimes fries. Id just rma it. Youve been very thoroughdoing everything possible, and it looks like youve gotten one of those cards. Make em take it back for replacement. Im betting once you describe your problem, the will. The 3 gig readout in xp is simply an OS limatation, nothing more, and having 4 gigs shouldnt hinder your games, unless your mobo wont support it properly, thats something to check on too
  31. well even if you dont use all 4 gigs of ram and saying you never use 2gb of ram, once ram usage goes over about 60% about, it slows down. Better to keep ram usage always under 50% I would suggest for best performance. About your operating system seeing less ram then you have, there can be a couple possiblities to look into, defective chips, does your motherboard support that, and something might be wrong with your OS.
  32. Regarding the RAM:

    After browsing through the motherboard manual, it does state that Bios will detect less than 3 gigs if windows XP 32 bit is installed, as well as the OS doing so as well (i found this rather strange, but apparently its true). I have tried removing two ram chips and running with 2 gigs, but the minor glitching still occurs. I have not had a chance to test for major, as that requires playing for several hours on end.

    I have RMA'd the card; it's being picked up tomorrow. Fingers crossed >_<
  33. Good luck with you. FINGERS CROSSED :)
  34. Back to using the 8800 Ultra while the 280 is back for testing. The polygons vanishing in crysis still occur, but then they do on virtually every system ive tried the game on. The AA glitch however does not, and so far i have had absolutely no problems at all. I'm also running driver version 177.92.

    The testing is likely to take 5 working days, so that gives me a good week to relax without having to worry about that colossal money and time sink of a card.

    I'll write back if i have any problems with the 8800 in (so far nothing from 48 hours of runtime), and when i get the results of Ebuyers testing on the card.

    Thanks again to everyone for their help :)
  35. omg 8800ultra is such a nice card lol Give it to me man. Just kidding. I am getting a new card in a couple months, most likley i am going to get sli for 9800gtx.
  36. The system has been running all dayw ith the 8800 ultra, 3 hours of WoW, and 5 ish hours of Crysis (played by my cousin) with no problems whatsoever.
  37. we will see then i guess our results when the new card comes.
  38. Dear Mr. -----. After careful analysis of your product, we have found it to be faulty. A replacement is on it's way to you, and should arrive between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 on Thursday 09th September. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  39. lol nice, it was faulty after all. Test new one and say results.
  40. 10 hours of gameplay so far. Unfortunately i needed to stop there and get some fresh air before i passed out :P

    The Crysis AA bug is still occuring, but i am convinced that it is either a driver-card specific problem, or a problem with the game itself. I have had no major crashes thus far, and general performance is noticeably slightly better, and operating temperatures slightly lower.

    So far so good!
  41. Well, if its so far so good "playin til pass out", it looks good to me . Enjoy!
  42. I underclocked my 8800gs SC and it is working nice since then. Don't know if the condition would degrade with time and further underclocking would be needed. Any advice ?
  43. I am not quite sure about that, but if you started a topic about it, i am sure you will get more and better answers, cause this topic is somebody elses. Also zalgradis, enjoy your card man, you got your money's worth, have fun with it.
  44. It's been nearly a month since i received my new card, and im happy to report that i have not had a SINGLE crash, glitch, freeze etc.

    It seems that it was definitely the card.
  45. I know the topic is sorta old....but that glitching in Crysis wasnt your card, I noticed it while playing Warhead
  46. This is a crysis problem related. i have the same issue with crysis and crysis warhead whenever i use AA. disable AA and it will disappear.
    In crysis it doesn't happen al the time. usually when it loads the next level or if you load a game a few times it appears. if i quit the game it's gone.
    In warhead its there all the time but found a workaround.i load a game with shadows at mainstream. The artifact is there. i change the setting at gamer and it's gone. if i quit the game and start again when i load i see the artifact again so i change to mainstream and is gone again.

    so i disabled AA, not so much of a difference anyway if you play on high res.
  47. I just wanted to say that this thread was very helpful. As I have the exact same video card with the same exact issues. Time to RMA. Thanks for everyone's help, research, and input!
  48. Hi Everyone,

    I've had some serious issues with my EVGA Geforce 280 gtx. The first one lsted less then 2 months. It started freezing up my PC whenever I played any MMO. Didn't know what the problems was, I tried lowering my ingame settings but that didn't work. Finally I couldn't even start up the computer. After logging in, the pc would freeze up when it tried to display the desktop screen. So I grabbed an older model card (8800GT) and that worked just fine. I sent back the 280 GTX (RMA) and had it replaced. The new 280 GTX didn't last me a month. It's doing the same thing the first one did. I am going to see if they can replace it with a different brand or upgrade it to a 295 GTX. If anyone finds a fix for this, please email me at
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