Older ATI card not displaying certain textures.

I have an unusual situation and was looking for some solutions. I've been playing Freelancer with the Discovery Mod and certain ship textures are not being "painted" onto the models or are showing up as a white splotch. The thing is every other texture shows up fine, the original ship textures are fine, even older ships added by the mod are fine, it's only some of the ships in the new version that are the problem.

-My graphics card is an ancient 32 MB Rage 128 Ultra(the kind that came with old Dell computers).
-My driver is, which I believe is the last one they made.

1. So if everything else shows up correctly, why would some of the new custom mod content not?
2. How could I fix the problem? Lowering the acceleration? Disabling write combining?
3. I did come across someone who mentioned disabling "implicitly compressed textures". However there is no way to do this with my card as far as I can see.
4. Finally, is there any ATI control panel software that I could use to give me more options with my graphics card? I don't think ATI Catalyst works with the Rage line of cards.

I'm at a loss here so thanks for any help on this.
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  1. It may be software related. Some of the texture files may be misplaced, resulting in the program not being able to find it and displaying blank. It's quite common for mods.
  2. That could be the problem, however only a few people are experiencing the issue and I would think everyone would have it if it was the software.
  3. I had troubles a while back with an nvidia card. It was a driver issue. Try an earlier driver.
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