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I am a low-intermediate running a PC with Windows XP Home. I am replacing my ASUS P5GC-MX mother board with an ASUS P5Q Pro. I have built a couple of desk tops but have never swapped mother boards. I have read some tutorials on this but they leave me with a question. I do not want to do a Windows re-install if I can help it. One tutorial says that the system should boot up OK and I might have to restart a few times for it to recognize drivers. Another tutorial says to insert the Window install CD and direct the BIOS to boot from that. My problem is my understanding is that if you have installed SP2 then you can no longer use the original CD. Because of this, using AutoStreamer, I have made a new recovery disc, slipstreaming SP2. My question: If and when the instructions say insert the Windows install CD, will it accept my slipstreamed Recovery CD?
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  1. Both having Intel chipsets of fairly close vintage gives you a pretty good chance of a successful first boot. What you should do is go into the Device Manager in Computer Management and open the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers in the right window. One or more of the controllers should be Intel 945 controllers; right click on each and select Update Drivers. You'll want to manually select a Standard/Generic driver for each. Check the bios of the 945 motherboard to see how the system is running the hard drive, either IDE or AHCI, you'll need to set the new board the same way. Shut the computer down and swap out the motherboards. If you get a blue screen at first boot and the error code shows a 7B in the numeric, that's a controller error, if you set the new board for IDE, change it to AHCI, and if not, change it the other direction. The swap should go VERY easy.
  2. How come nobody ever wants to do a reinstall? A fresh OS is always a good idea. It will seem like a new computer, faster without the layers of crud infesting your hard drive.
    Not sure how to answer your question, its my experience that the windows recovery console doesn't work. But you can play with it if you want to.
    Good luck
  3. I have an Auto Stream Recovery disc. I don't know much about this and assumed I had the occasion to use it I would have to recover with the recovery console. I am open to suggestions and thank you marcellus22 for your help.
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