HT Omega Claro+ vs. Creative SupremeFX?

Hey all,

I'm putting together my ultimate PC today and had a quick question for all you audiophiles. I purchased the HT Omega Claro+ 7.1 card so I can truly enjoy my Blu-Ray movies and hardcore gaming. While assembling my PC today, I noticed the board I bought (Asus Rampage Extreme) already comes with the Creative SupremeFX card which also seems to support 7.1 audio output.

The Omega Claro+ is a PCI card, while the SupremeFX is PCI-e x1. Since I want this PC to have the best possible sound for gaming and HD Blu-Ray/HD-DVD playback, which card should I go with? Both look to be great cards, so I need some true audio experts to steer me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The HT Omega Claro is a MUCH better card, especially for movies.
  2. Thanks for the reply. After noticing the Claro+ retail box had lots of DTS and Dolby logos (and not finding much information about the SupremeFX), I opted to give the HT card a shot!

    Also, when I searched on eBay, I see the SupremeFX card is selling for like $10! That pretty much sealed the deal for me. Thanks for the help though.

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