Hard Drive Cloning Compresses Size??

Does cloning compress data?

I just cloned a nearly full internal 250 GB WD hard drive to an external - USB-IDE connected - 500 GB WD hard drive using Acronis True Image WD Edition software. I used the Acronis Wizard from within Windows with the Manual Relayout setting. I had one “glitch” when I got the error message: “Partition configuration has changed press any key to reboot your computer...”. I rebooted and went thru the manual relayout again and it took 2 1/2 hours to complete cloning.

I replaced the 250 GB HD with the new 500 GB drive and the computer booted fine, and everything appears to be operating OK. I compared properties on all the big files - Music, Pictures, My Documents, Videos, Windows etc. - and they all appear to be exactly the same on both discs.
However, the computer’s disk management shows that while I started out with an original hard drive of 228 GB total capacity with 26 GB free space, I ended up with a new cloned hard drive showing 460 GB total capacity and 363 GB free space. How did I end up with so much free space if I cloned 222 GB of data? 460 GB minus 363 equals only 97 GB copied.
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  1. Both drives use FAT32, and use the same block size? I would also like to think the free space count hasn't updated yet, but that's practically impossible on a modern OS, unless there's something screwy.

    In any case, are you absolutely sure you cloned everything on the source drive? You should also check the integrity of everything on your 500GB drive.
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