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i have connected pc to tv via vga cable following instructions in tv manual. i can only get the windows start up screen and then the blue acer/aspire series screen which is my desktop atm, no icons, no mouse pointer. nothing else. i don't know what changes to make on the pc to make it happen. thank you for any suggestions. pc has xp. tv is hdtv and is new
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    Minimize all programs.
    Right-click the desktop in an open area (not on a shortcut).
    Select "Properties"
    Click "Settings" tab
    In the center, see the drop-down box labeled "Display" and click the down pointer.
    Click on your TV, (it may say "non-plug and play monitor")
    Click the box that says "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor"
    Click "Identify" and a number should appear on both monitors.
    click Apply, click OK.

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