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I'm having a problem getting access to my other computer on my network. One has Xp Pro and the other has Win 2k. When I try to access the Win 2k from the computer with Xp it says I don't have access, contact my system admin. Then when I want to access The computer with XP from Win 2k it doesn't even show up on the network. Can someone please help the is annoying the crap out of me. Oh, and I'm using a D-Link router DI624. I've tried to ping both computers from each computer and it doesn't work. The computers do show up on my router on the DHCP menu.
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  1. Is there a reason no one has replied? Do I need to post in a different forum or does no one know the answer? Anyways, the computer I had with 2k I gave to my bro(so its gone). So, let me ask you a different type of question. I have one computer wired to the back of my router and another wireless to my router. They don't even come close to communicating. Does anyone know how to get them to communicate?
  2. Well, have you tried setting them to the same IP and network gateway? Make sure you both are in the same netowrk group (Workgroup, MSHOME). Make sure the cables are CAT5 cables.. and just make sure everything is plugged in. I think you also need IPX things to do the IP thing

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