Help installing Windows 7 on a Dell computer

Hi there. Long time reader of the site and forums, first time poster.

I have a Dell computer that is a couple years old now. I had wanted to build one but then I received this computer as a gift and just kept it and saved my money. Anyways, I was wondering if I could get some help installing Windows 7. I have been doing some reading and have heard that some people with Dells are having trouble installing it on older systems. I want to make real sure it's going to work before I bleed my wallet.

It just has Windows XP 32 bit on it now (a free Vista upgrade was included for when it was released but I never sent off for it. glad I didn't :P) but I want to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. The CPU is a 64 bit processor btw. The problem is some people are having trouble with the BIOS. I never have updated mine cause I read some posts various places that some people said after they updated it they had a lot of problems and even some that the computer became unuseable! My question is do you think it will be able to run with the current BIOS?

It's version 1.1.4

There is only one newer version on the Dell site that I see but I don't want to update it unless I have too.

In case it matters here are the other specs of the system:

Dell Dimension model
Athlon 64 X2 Dual core
Nvidia Nforce 430 chipset
Nvidia GeForce 9500GT GDDR3
Upgraded power supply
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  1. Updating the BIOS is usually only for upgrading the CPU, or when you are experiencing BIOS related issues.
    To fully make sure if it works. You can run the Hardware and Software Advisory Tool.
    I can't imagine that it wouldn't run on your computer. To be extra safe... I'd create a dual boot. Partition the Operating System, and install Win 7 on the other partition. This way you don't loose anything
  2. Yes, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to run W7 either. Have you done the W7 upgrade advisor? Give that a go first just to ensure that it can handle W7. The only concern I would have is in concern to the graphics card, as it may not be able to handle the aero effects and such in a smooth manner. But then again, maybe not.
  3. the video card will be just fine
  4. Have you got an old hdd handy do a fresh install on that might be easier
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